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Council Tax Support can reduce the amount of Council Tax you pay or mean that you have nothing to pay.Anyone living in the UK who has a low income, and who pays Council Tax can claim Council Tax Support.If you are not an accelerated online program student registered in an accelerated program (Dynamic Dated session) course you will be dropped from the unauthorized course.You will be notified via your UTA My Mav email after you have been dropped.

You might get Second Adult Rebate if you are a single person or a couple where one is disregarded from the Council Tax charge, but there are other adults in your home who have a low income.You can pay over the internet - available every day, 24 hours a day. UTA Accelerated Online Programs Main Website: Click here Accelerated Online Education Programs: Click here Accelerated Online Nursing Programs: Click here Accelerated Online Master of Public Administration Program: Click here Students must be in an accelerated online program major to take the approved courses listed on the program web pages.If you are in any of the groups, the reduction doesn’t affect you, so you should not have more to pay because of the changes.You should contact us if you are in one of the protected groups and your Council Tax Support notification letter shows that your Council Tax Support has been reduced​The protected groups are: Pensioners People entitled to a Severe Disability Premium People entitled to an Enhanced Disability Premium Carers War Widows/War Pensioners Lone parents with a dependent child under five years old Each of these is explained below: Pensioners This means people who are eligible to claim Pension Credit.

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Please give your Council Tax account number (it is on your bill).