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Here in America we have a tendency to idealize the French, thinking of them as elegant beings who dress well, eat well, and have attained the ideal work–life balance.Ask any French person, and they’ll find this idea laughable and maybe even a little worrying—France has a myriad of its own problems, and this French “ideal” is largely drawn from affluent Parisians and not necessarily representative of the whole country.

“I think my friends don’t spend as much time wondering whether they are in a couple or not,” Noémie says.

The term ‘dating’ you use in the USA makes me feel that the whole thing is much more ritualized and structured there rather than fluid and natural.”So, where does that leave us?

Perhaps the question isn’t whether a more fluid approach is but rather what we can learn from it.

When out and about with a child in the States, I feel more or less invisible as a woman—I feel like people see me as a mother first and foremost. That harried-mother-in-sweatpants image doesn’t exist in France as a cultural phenomenon; it’s expected that you’ll carry on being more or less who you were before you had a baby, and women aren’t considered selfish or vain for continuing to take the same amount of care over their appearance as they did before they had a baby.

that explains what a mother should do while her baby sleeps: “She forgets about her baby, to think about herself.

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On the other hand, there are some undeniable differences between our two cultures, and the cliché of the French as a uniquely romantic nation isn’t completely unwarranted.

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