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The detailed description of available make targets and environment variables is available in ports. As of mid 2012, the Free BSD Ports Project has migrated revision control systems from CVS to Subversion.The preferred method for obtaining and maintaining the ports tree is Portsnap.You may need to set one or more of these if you are behind a firewall, or need to use an FTP/HTTP proxy.For users which cannot be connected all the time, the make fetch option is provided.You know, I have like 800 characters, and I'm not going to look for custom stuff for one of them, much less all of them. Sir, this makes me, one of the laziest people ever, very happy.

Portsnap is a fast and user-friendly tool for retrieving the Ports Collection, the preferred choice for most users.

A security audit and an update of the database will be performed during the daily security system check.

For more information read the portaudit(1) and periodic(8) manual pages.

To begin, change to the directory of the port to be installed: Once you are returned to the prompt, you should be able to run the installed application.

Since lsof is a program that runs with increased privileges, a security warning is shown.


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