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Why is lemmys land not updating

The DJ shared some of his favorite memories of hanging with Lemmy, why the singer was so iconic, and how they became such good friends in the first place.Michael Christopher: How did you come to be acquainted with Lemmy?Lemmy’s affinity for World War II memorabilia was well-known, so how fitting was it the last Motörhead show took place in Germany?[laughs] I hadn’t really thought about that to be quite honest. Aside from his collection of World War II memorabilia, he was almost indebted to Germany, because he often said that during that period in the ’90s, Germany basically kept [Motörhead] alive.There was a global outpouring of affection for Lemmy Kilmister in the wake of his passing last week at the age of 70.But while many were quick to show their respect in eulogizing the Motörhead frontman, few knew him, personally, on a deeper level.So that initial meeting, with him being the first ever rock star that I actually met properly, it kind of turned into a near-20-year friendship.One of the things that struck me about Lemmy is how he’s put up on this pedestal, but he was such a down to earth, cool guy, and you don’t get that with a lot of people of his stature. Although in more recent times he achieved a status of “legend,” I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that, but over time, Motörhead weren’t always in fashion.

It was always funny seeing how he behaved and with his neighbors and stuff like that.That wasn’t the case with UK-based radio personality Ian Camfield, who hosts London Calling on our very own Vanya Radio, and who struck up a friendship with the music legend years ago.sat down with Camfield ahead of tomorrow’s public memorial for Lemmy at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Los Angeles which will be streamed live at this location.We’d start doing interviews and then go out for drinks afterwards and it got to the point where if I was in L.A., I’d go around his apartment, we’d have a drink there and then walk up to the Rainbow.

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There was a determination that he wanted to do more.

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